Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered a few of the questions you may have over the following sections. But feel free to ‘contact us’ should you have any other questions.


Is there any charge to come and quote?
Our quotes are free of charge with no obligation.

How can I arrange for a quotation?
Contact us using contact details on our ‘contact us‘ web page.

What does a quotation involve?
We will arrange a visit, discuss your requirements and email/post a detailed written quotation.

What will the quote detail?
The written quote will detail exactly what work will take place and include a breakdown of labour and material costs.

How long is the quotation valid for?
Normally three months.

Booking in work

I want Denney’s to carry out my work, what happens next?
Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed, we will contact you with an estimated start date and keep you updated.

What is the waiting time for work to proceed?
This all depends on the size of your project and our workload at the time.

How far in advance should I book in work?
The more notice the better, especially external work.


Do I need to supply paint/materials?
We normally supply paint/materials. But we are happy to discuss other options should you wish to supply your own materials.

What materials do you use?
We only use quality materials. For decorating we tend to use Dulux, Sikkens, Farrow and Ball, and Little Green, but we can also supply other brands upon request.

What do I need to do?

Do I need to clear the room prior to Denney’s starting work?
We ask if all small items, pictures and curtains can be re-moved.

Do I need to move furniture out of the room?
We ask for any small furniture to be removed, but we can move larger furniture to the centre of the room and cover with plastic sheeting.

How we work

Do I need to be around when the work is taking place?
Not at all, as along as we have keys we are happy to let ourselves in subject to your agreement.

What hours do you tend to work?
Our regular working hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm , Monday to Friday.

Do you work out of hours?
Upon request we will work some weekends and evenings.

Are there certain times of year you carry out external decoration?
We only carry out extenal decoration between May and September.

How will you protect our home?
We will lay self adhesive floor protective film down from your front door to and in the work area.  Plastic sheeting is also placed on furniture in the work areas. So no old dusty sheets used by us!

Will there be a lot of mess?
We try and keep disruption to a minimum and we clean up at the end of each day.  We also use dust extraction wherever possible to avoid lots of dust, but also making a cleaner environment for us to work in to.


Do you require a deposit?
Not normally, but on larger projects we may ask for a deposit.

How do I know what I owe?
We will email/post a final invoice. Including any additional work costs agreed.

What are Denneys payment terms?
We ask if invoices can be paid upon receipt.

How do we pay Denneys?
Our preferred payment is via BACs, but we also accept cash or cheque.